Acne Treatment Pregnancy Tips


The most important acne treatment pregnancy tip I can give you, is to consult your doctor or a dermatologist if you’re considering taking any acne-related medication. Remember that it is not just your health at stake here, but also your baby. Be aware that some oral and/or ointment medications may wind up in your breast milk.

What Causes Acne During Pregnancy?

Even if you never had a single pimple in your life, you may develop acne during your pregnancy especially in the first trimester. During this time, your skin becomes more sensitive to the heavy hormonal changes in your body. This is a very normal event, so you should be patient and learn ways to treat it safely.

The good news is that acne has a tendency to clear up as your pregnancy develops. However, if you still have acne throughout the entire pregnancy, more than likely your skin will go back to normal within a couple of months after your baby is born.

Maintain a healthy diet: If you’re experiencing acne during your pregnancy, one of the best things you can do is follow a healthy diet. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to fight off your acne and at the same time you’ll be providing your baby the necessary nutrients to grow healthy.

Keep your skin clean: Try to wash your skin regularly, and after you clean it rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water to take out any soap residue. Also use an oil-free facial cleanser, and avoid any soap with oil or any other irritating substance.

Avoid unnecessary stress: Stress management is very important, so if you learn to control it you’ll also control your acne breakouts.

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise will definitively help you control acne because it increases the blood flow to your skin and it will give it a better tone and a healthier look.

Stop touching your acne: Although you might be tempted to do so, keep your hands off any pimples or acne breakouts. When you pop them or pick at them you’re helping the bacteria to spread and this can produce acne scars.

Through trial and error, I learned that the best and safest thing to do before, during or after acne treatment pregnancy, is to use natural skin-care products. By taking some extra care, being patient and using natural remedies, you’ll get satisfactory results that will help you avoid or reduce pimples and other acne breakouts.

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