How To Avoid Costly Mistakes With Invisalign


Invisalign can be an effective option for correcting misaligned teeth and getting you one step closer to a perfect smile. Unlike the chunky metal braces of the past, Invisalign is a new solution to straighten teeth without anyone knowing.

Getting these clear braces are a highly effective orthodontic treatment and is much more comfortable then traditional methods. Consequently, this method is becoming more popular when people are choosing to align crooked teeth. Even with all the information out there though, dentists are still treating common mistakes being made.

When visiting an orthodontist, it helps to find someone trustworthy who you know delivers a high-quality service. Check out Invisalign North Shore clinics are offering. There are some great options including the one Sailors Bay Dentistry offers. Their team of experts help with corrective methods such as Invisalign, but knowing proper care is down to the individual.

Following these tips will help promote a healthy and effective treatment with minimum issues. Avoid these mistakes to get the most from the alignment and least discomfort possible.


  1. Drinking And Eating

Commonly, people will eat and drink whilst wearing their invisible braces. However, it is a well-known rule to remove the aligners and put them back again only once you have finished eating and drinking. This avoids them from becoming stained and ruined early on and preserves the quality of the brace.

  1. Not Taking Them Out Before Smoking

For those that smoke, removing the Invisalign braces is essential to maintaining them. This is a common habit you may think doesn’t have a big impact but in fact can produce long-lasting stains.

  1. Forgetting To Take Them Out

The clear aligners can be worn for too little. If you take them out and forget to place them back on your teeth, they are not doing the best job possible. They need around 20 hours per day to effectively straighten teeth so whenever they are removed, individuals must remember to put them back in.

  1. Not Cleaning Properly

Invisalign doesn’t mean you can skip the cleaning process and get lazy. Instead, more effort needs to be put into the cleaning routine as bacteria can build up in the braces and on the teeth. So ensuring you floss, using mouth wash and brush thoroughly will help maintain a healthy smile and optimal oral hygiene.

  1. Removing Them Properly

To prevent from breaking when you take them out, remember to ease them out gently by using your thumb to work it forward instead of pulling them out from the back. This will prevent breakages so you won’t have to pay for a new one which can be very costly.

  1. Not Giving It Enough Time

The Invisalign process may not be as quick as traditional braces but they are an effective treatment method. You shouldn’t think the correction process will happen overnight but instead be patient with the process.

Following these rules will help you preserve the braces for as long as possible and gain the most out of your treatment.


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