How to Handle a Denture Emergency


There are certain things in life that suddenly happen that truly are annoying. Red wine on your shirt at a formal dinner. Flat tyre on the Motorway. Overflowing toilet right before you need to catch a train. All those wonderful life interruptions are fixable, you can call a cleaner, mechanic or plumber. But let’s say you are a denture wearer and a tooth falls out before you are headed to a special event? Did you ever consider that type of emergency? Nobody wants to enjoy a fabulous holiday dinner or wedding with a missing tooth. Won’t be doing much smiling, will you then? And you can’t get help from a mechanic or plumber or a dentist. Fortunately for you, when you are standing there well dressed with your broken teeth in your hand, there is help! There are reliable denture repairs in Barry that can save you from having to cover your mouth with your hand all night. Here is what to look for.

  •                 Full Integrated Lab – The dental lab should not only be able to manufacture a full new set of dentures, but should also be able to do temporary and permanent repairs, and even replace lost teeth with the same colour and mould as your old ones. And while they are doing your repair, they should be able to strengthen your old dentures.
  •                 Fast, While You Wait Service – look for a lab that offers you service, while you wait, in as little as 30 minutes.
  •                 Out of Hours Service – it seems like that when things are going to go wrong, they do so at an inopportune time. The best dental lab will be there for you, if necessary, 24 hours a day.

There aren’t a lot of things more important in this world than a set of teeth. When we have our own teeth, then we have the dentist. But our dentures are a different story and require work from a reliable dental lab. Don’t let a set of broken dentures keep you home, or embarrassed or eating porridge. Call the dental lab as soon as you have a problem. They will  make you smile again.



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