Smash Boxing Bogota


Smash Boxing Bogotá invites you to discover 10 rounds of sweat-laden with beats of songs that will make you hit the aqua bags like never before. The best songs and mixes in an ideal sound system, with a system of lights that will bring out your full potential.

Smash incorporates the best principles of boxing and strength training, all to help you develop a boxer’s physique where strength and confidence are your pillars.

Smash is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), strength training, metabolic conditioning and cardio in a single class. We take care of stimulating every part of your body and mind so that you get the best out of you, making sure we have the best in the industry so that the training is the best.

We offer group classes for individuals! We know that you are doing well training alone but we believe that we are stronger together. Enjoy while doing the 6 blows, leave everything you do not want in the studio, and fight to take everything you want.

We will wait for you!


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