Your Guide To Holistic Addiction Treatment


There is more to addiction treatment than the traditional 12-step program. You can find holistic drug rehab centers in Florida with programs that help you regain your health. One program that is effective among many clients is holistic treatment. Use the following guide to learn everything you need to know about the holistic treatment program.

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

The purpose of a holistic treatment is to take care of your individual needs and not just your addiction. You may not have the same needs and goals as other clients, and this is why the staff puts together a custom treatment plan with individualized support. A flexible, holistic treatment is beneficial to your overall health.

Approach To The Holistic Addiction Treatment

You may be wondering how does holistic addiction treatment work in a facility that offers detox and 12-step programs. The approach to a holistic addiction treatment consists of several steps.

A detox is the first step because you need to eliminate the substances from your mind and body. The next step is nutritional counseling and meals to help your body become healthy and strong. There are also exercise, yoga and meditation programs for regaining your mental, physical and spiritual health.

The holistic treatment program also includes counseling and therapy sessions, such as individual and group therapy, art therapy, motivational enhancement, family services and aftercare planning. You can also obtain a massage or chiropractic referral to help relieve your tension and pain. The staff is dedicated to your mental, emotional and physical recovery.

What To Expect From A Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

The following gives you an idea of what to expect when you look into holistic drug rehab centers in Florida, and one example is 12 Keys Rehab.

Comfortable Environment: You are entering a resort-style environment with warm decor and beautiful scenery. A comfortable environment eliminates the feeling of being inside a hospital or medical facility, which helps you to notice the things you may have missed during your years of addiction.

Privacy You Need: You need privacy when you are recovering from substance abuse. It is important to take some time to reflect on your past, think about your future and recover from your addiction. You also need a place to relax after a day of treatment. Most facilities offer private and semi-private rooms to give you the space you need during your recovery.

Understanding Staff: There are many staff members who are recovering addicts, so they know how you feel and can encourage you to work towards your recovery. They work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs. The staff is also made up of certified medical professionals to ensure you are safe and healthy during your recovery.

Client To Staff Ratio: The center offers a low client to staff ratio to give you the care and attention you need. You can take comfort in knowing the staff always has time to speak with you when you need their support. The staff is full of professionals who have the credentials and experience necessary to help you through your recovery.

Individualized Treatment: You have access to a variety of holistic treatment options that are personalized for your needs and goals. The treatments are designed to help you regain your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Types of Holistic Addiction Treatment

There are several types of holistic addiction treatments at centers such as 12 Keys Rehab.

Healthy Diet: You are given nutritional counseling to get you on a healthy diet. The facility offers chef-prepared meals to help you regain your strength, which is essential when healing from substance abuse.

Physical Activities: Physical activity is another way to strengthen your body. The programs include muscle and aerobic exercise, and you can also take part in yoga sessions.

Therapy Programs: You have access to a range of therapy programs, from experiential and cognitive behavior therapy to art and recreational therapy.

Mental Wellness: The facility also takes care of your mental wellness. You can take part in meditation sessions to help you achieve a clear, calm mind.

Aftercare Services: The staff works with you to create a plan for life after you leave the facility. The programs include aftercare planning, counseling and relapse prevention.

The first step to beating your addiction is to find holistic drug rehab centers in Florida. Once you take that first step, you are putting yourself on the path to recovery.


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