Health, Fitness and Medical Approach to Find Cure of Diseases


After finding out that conventional and old therapy widely plays only a palliative role in complicated diseases, individuals of all age levels often elected to adopt an autonomous independent proactive attitude. Most gained information of such treatment by word of mouth health impairments that require assistance in order to live safely in the community global network working to increase access to essential medicines and improve their rational use through research excellence and evidence-based advocacy.

Fundamental concepts regarding health and sickness are based on idea of balances and imbalances. It is apparent that patients are better informed, often downloading from the internet material relevant to their diagnosis. Many also join various internet support groups. In a meeting between the hospital and traditional healers, research on medicines used by the traditional healers was undertaken and the roots and herbs were examined. “Analysis conducted on these medicines revealed the presence of known therapeutic agents if modern medical programmes ignore established religious customs, disruption and resistance may follow. authors concluded that medical pluralism should be encouraged and that because traditional healing is the treatment of choice for much of the population, it is important to recognize its benefits and allow traditional healers to contribute to their patients’ well-being in Western medical settings.

Each clinic also provided thousands of hours of education to caregiver, medical professionals, social services personnel, Educational programs cover such topics as normal memory and aging, diagnosis and treatment, prevention, dealing with behaviors, and managing caregiver challenges. Programs are designed for professionals and family caregiver’s. While a great deal of time is spent educating family caregiver, a significant amount of training is also provided to professional caregiver’s, such as physicians, nurses, psychologists, health aides, and care managers in the community. Forty percent of patients abandoned conventional care entirely after adopting alternative methods.” Many were in advanced stages of disease and had co-morbid psychotic disorders. Again this could be due to the fact that all kinds of traditional treatments would be given before the patient presented herself for medical attention.


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