What Are The Use Of Tissue Microarray Slides?


Tissue microarray is a unique tool that has made a revolution in the field of pathology, clinical and translational studies. This microarray is basically a small representation of tissue samples in which around hundreds of cases are assembled on a single slide for performing the histological analysis. Tissue microarray slides have their extensive application in research and pathology sectors. And therefore it is high in demand and being used by a plethora of authorized departments to churn out the best results while doing research. These slides come with various advantages that make them perfect to be used in different sectors for clinical researches and studies. One of the main advantages of using this slide is that it helps in the reduction in the cost as well as processing time of the experiments. Along with this, these slides make use of less quantity of reagents.

With the use of these slides, the entire cohort process will be done in a single experiment whereas other conventional slides need many batches for a single study.

Along with multiple advantages, there’s a long list of applications of these slides. Let’s have some look on the important uses of these slides:

  • In immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization, this microarray slide plays an important role. It is widely used for rapid visualization of molecular markers. Along with this, these slides have the ability to assist in the processing of other applications.
  • These microarray slides are extensively used in research applications. It is ideal for tissue molecular analysis. In addition to this, these slides are used for identification of the targets of cancer. For clinical studies of different types of cancers, this kind of slide is used in pathology and researches.
  • Another important application of these slides is to investigate the expression of DNA aberrations, mRNA and miRNA. This kind of investigation is done by following in situ hybridization techniques.
  • It is an effective and powerful tool that is used for doing researches for 500 plus cases per slide.
  • One of the important applications of tissue microarray slides is that it helps in biomarker screening.
  • These slides are of great importance and find their wide usage in clinical researches. These slides are also used for different disease outcome through the process of prognostic and predictive modeling.
  • These slides work in combination with immunohistochemistry for studying and investigating the cancer biomarkers. This is highly beneficial for the cancer patient cohorts. The microarray is useful to study protein expression patterns along with different clinical parameters.
  • Microarray slides are a high-throughput technique used by researchers for assessment of expression of disease-related with genes. These slides are also useful for the simultaneous assessment of various tissue samples.

Tissue microarray slides are a useful and effective research tool for various clinical studies. These slides are highly rapid for large cohorts and can be used more than 500 cases per slide. Along with clinical studies, microarray slides are utilized for various researches such as in diagnostic process, basic research and many more. Along with this, these slides are well suited for prognostic oncology and medical discovery.


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