What Do I Need to Do For a Pilates Class


More popular than ever nowadays, Pilates is a stretching and exercise regimen which concentrates on the core muscles of the abdomen. Pilates is especially effective in exercising the abdomen’s muscles, and the hips and thighs without any bulking of muscles.

  • There are various kinds of Pilates classes, a number of them where complex machines and personal instruction are provided.

The typical sort of class for people interested in Pilates in Yokine, includes mat work and is conducted with others interested in physical health.

Below tells you how to prepare for a Pilates class in a mat class setting.

  • The very first and most important thing you will require for your Pilates class is a mat.

Some places may provide mats, but if you’re looking at many classes, it will feel better to have your own. If you do opt for a mat which is not your own, at least bring a towel to cover it.

Pilates mats are somewhat similar to those used in yoga, but are usually thicker. Some of the Pilates moves will involve rolling on your lower back, and that additional thickness provides extra cushioning for such moves.

Breathing Techniques

Pilates make use of a special type of breathing, which varies from other kinds of exercise. Breaths (inhalations and exhalations) are counted in a slow 4 (1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000).

  • Depending on the trainer, you may be taught to breathe only through your nose, or take turns between breathing through your nose and mouth.
  • You should talk to the trainer about any preferences which you may have.

Breathing doesn’t have to be the gradual abdominal breathing technique of yoga, but the breath should fill the lungs, and not raise the abdomen, keeping it tightened whilst exercising.

 If in the past, you took or are indeed currently taking yoga classes, the practicing of breathing can be of importance as you prepare yourself for your Pilates class.

Matters of Clothing

Similar to yoga, it’s best for Pilates clothing to be comfortable, but not too loose. A number of people like to don yoga style clothing, so the trainer can then correct any positions which are incorrect.

  • If you don’t have the right kind of clothing, why not invest in suitable fitness wear for a Pilates class.
  • This will help you to feel much more a part of each class and maybe even give you more inspiration!

Pilates students normally wear socks, so try to find ones which have special grips on the bottoms so you don’t slide during standing exercises.

  • Some women like to practice Pilates in traditional leotards and tights.

Additional Equipment

Pilates mat courses will often use extra equipment such as bars or inflatable balls. In most cases, the trainer will have this equipment available for use during classes.

Before you enter a class, it is recommended that you refrain from ingesting any type of heavy meal right before the class.


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