Cosmetic Treatments That Don’t Mean Surgery.


Academy Laser Clinics is a leading laser clinic Sydney and also has a branch in Perth. They offer a range of non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments. Laser technology is used in a multitude of the procedures in order to give great results.

For women who feel self conscious about the appearance of their vagina, there are treatment options available including the Mona Lisa Touch, an O-Shot and Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure.

Many people suffer from a range of different issues and symptoms affecting their skin, and there are a range of treatment options to treat most of these.  Some of the different skin procedures offered by Academy Laser CLincis include skin rejuvenation laser, acne scar treatments, mole removal and a silhouette soft thread lift. Hair loss treatments, lip filler and cheek fillers are also available.

No matter what kind of procedure you are looking to have at the clinic, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands throughout the entire process. You can get in touch with Academy Laser Clinics either by phone or email and start your treatment process by arranging an initial consultation.

Academy Laser Clinics was founded by Dr Jayson Oates, a highly respected plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Changing your appearance about more than just changing your looks, it can give you so much confidence and leave you feeling happier about the person you are.

Many men are self conscious about their penis and if this is something that worries you, why not do something about it? It may be the size of your penis, or it may be that you struggle to achieve and maintain an erection.  There are many apparent cures on the market today for both of these issues, but unfortunately, a lot of them are not effective. CALIBRE is a clinic that offers non invasive alternative to penis surgery to make a positive difference to your life.

The CALIBRE method of penile augmentation is non-invasive and has proven results.  It works by dermal fillers being injected into the penis in order to increase size. It involved minimal pain and it is much safer than a penis enlargement operation. A 15ml injection will lead to an increase in girth of up to one inch.  You will notice the results from this procedure with CALIBRE instantly but these will subside after around 12 months and some further treatments might be necessary if you want to maintain improvements.

Often for men who are not happy with the size of their penis, it is more of a dent in their confidence rather than complaints from sexual partners that they are experiencing. A penis extension with CALIBRE will mean you become happier and more confident with your body, which will increase your confidence and also make your sex life better.

Before any procedure goes ahead with CALIBRE, an initial consultation will be necessary. During this time, you can discuss your needs with your doctor and you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions. You will be given a quote and providing you are happy with everything, you will receive a date for the procedure to go ahead.

If you have any cosmetic surgery needs and you live in Australia, look no further than Academy Face and Body. They are a high quality clinic with positive reviews from customers all over the country. A range of different procedures are offered at Academy Face and Body so let’s have a deeper look at them, so you can discover what is right for you.

There are several cosmetic surgery options at Academy Face and Body including rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, chin implants and more. These are the more complex type of surgeries at the clinic but there are simpler procedures available, where natural methods are used as often as possible.

Some of the non-surgical treatments which use laser include laser tattoo removal, scarless mole removal and acne treatment. IPL hair removal is also offered. This treatment works by beaming light onto the hair follicles, this is converted into heat which then destroys the hair by the root. This works differently from other hair removal techniques because it lasts for a much longer period of time and also gives a smoother finish.

Laser hair removal is something that many people use if they have an abnormal amount of hair or they want a more permeant solution to shaving and waxing. Although you will see results straight away, a number of different treatments will be required to get rid of hair permanently. This treatment is quick, painless and easy, with side effects a rare occurrence. The treatment can save you money in the long term and it is very convenient too.

No matter what type of treatment you are looking to have at Academy Face and Body, you are in safe hands and are guaranteed a good experience from start to finish. Dr Jayson Oates and his talented colleagues pride themselves in giving only the best treatment to patients at the clinic. You can get in touch now for an initial consultation and a quote for the required services. When you see the results and how they benefit your life, you are going to be so please that you found Academy Face and Body!


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