What is Floating Good For


Chances are you’ve heard of float tanks, float pods and floating therapy, but are you aware of just how many benefits there are to it all? The benefits have been widely researched since the 1950s when they first came into use and there’s sure to be a centre near you if you’re interested in giving it a go.

Relief from Stress

One of the most commonly cited benefits to float tank therapy is stress relief, with many people undertaking hour long sessions at a float tank in Wangara on a regular basis. When you float in a tank, your body becomes peaceful and that evokes a reduction in the stress hormones that your body releases and that helps you to feel good. If you are jet lagged and feeling stressed, you’re suffering from postnatal depression or you’re going through some hard times and could really use some natural stress relief, floating can help you lead a happier, less stressed life.

Muscle Healing and Tissue Repair

Many athletes and sportspeople at all levels are having float therapy sessions because they’re so good for relieving tired muscles and they are also well-known for assisting with muscle healing and tissue repair. Because floating uses Epsom Salts to enable flotation, the body absorbs the magnesium and that helps to increase circulation as well as flush lactic acid and remove toxins from muscles.

If you play sport or exercise regularly, floating has many benefits to offer you. Moreover, it can also help with chronic pain, muscle fatigue, back pain, pregnancy and menstruation pain, as well as migraines and severe headaches, so most people will find that it has something to offer them in terms of natural pain relief, which is much better than taking pills. Why not give it a go?

Better Learning

Floating has also been found to promote better learning which is good for all of us and not only students! Whether you are experiencing problems with your ability to retain new information or you would just like to take advantage of the many benefits, floating is for you.


Because you’re deprived of the sense of sound and sight, floating is excellent for meditating and achieving a really deep and peaceful meditative state. As discussed above, this is great for stress relief, but it’s also really good on a spiritual level which is why so many more people are now getting into floating, because they can achieve a more peaceful state than ever before.

Floating provides the right environment for deep and quiet reflection which can be hard to do in the busy world in which we life. For people who recognise the importance of reconnecting with their emotions and inner thoughts, having a session at a local float tank centre is a great way to get more in tune with yourself again and lead a better, more fulfilling life.

As you can see, floating is great for so many things, so whether it’s pain relief, stress relief or a deeper meditation state you’re looking for, floating is for you!


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